In this EZ Money Project Launch Training video

Mike Hobbs is doing a Internet Marketing Training free of charge. He is launching their newest viral marketing method called EZ Money Project to anyone who want’s to learn to become a internet marketing guru without finding a marketing degree at Harvard.

Most companies charge $1000′s of dollars for this kind of training that is provided with this video. This is just the end of the ice berg simply because in his free system you receive paid for generating free leads. What does that mean exactly? What it means is that any moment someone fills out a form on Project Payday which can be the front end offer of our EZ Money Project advertising system, you get paid $2 dollars per form done. After you make your first $200 without spending any out of pocket cost you’re going to get either a $4 to be able to $5 increase per guide.

Mike Hobbs and his partner Adam Whiting give daily on the shoulder training with a regular Method of Operation that everyone inside the EZ Money Project system can follow if you know how to replicate and paste and distribute a email, or a post on Facebook. They simplify everything for all of us so we can copy our marketing campaigns efficiently.

All though the EZ Funds Project System is FREE you’ll have the option of joining our additional income streams using the marketing products that we must be successful with marketing online campaigns and lead generation.

Products are below: Join EZ Money Project Marketing System for free HERE

Income Stream # 1: Project PayDay This will be our front in offer in our sales funnel and is 100% liberated to join and they pay $2. 00-$5. 00 just for producing a lead. When someone fills out a questionnaire on the Project PayDay homepage you get paid.

Income Stream # 2: GVO "Host Then Profit" We use this service for our autoresponder campaigns as well as the video creator programs.

Income Stream number 3: Empower Network Automated Viral Blogging System. This is the most significant marketing tool available in our industry today. Our biggest lead generation arises from our blogging platforms. This is what all of us use to duplicate our bodies and generate unlimited levels of leads.

EZ Money Project Start Training video

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